Want a ticket to space? It’s yours … for $250,000

Commercial space travel is almost here. Virgin Galactic has said it is very close to flying tourists to “the edge of space” at a mere $250,000 a ticket.

Virgin Galactic has not yet said when it will begin its commercial flights but did say it could be as early as 2020. The flights would take passengers more than 50 miles high, which is where the edge of space begins, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Passengers would ride in a spacecraft called SpaceShipTwo.

In July, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson said three or four test flights would be conducted in New Mexico, beginning this fall.

Some say for a trip that only goes up and down, instead of traveling around the globe, the price tag is too high. But some everyday Americans told The Washington Post they are ready for their space trip after waiting years after their initial purchase.

Virgin Galactic also said Wednesday it has been contracted by the Italian air force for a suborbital research flight, which will carry three Italian payload specialists who will tend to experiments while the craft is in space.


Source:- foxbusiness

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