Security Analyst All Levels – Global Security Operations Center

Security Analyst All Levels – Global Security Operations Center

Job Description

Company: FedEx Services
Job Title: Security Analyst All Levels – Global Security Operations Center
Job Requisition Number: RC277023
Category: Information Technology
Memphis, Tennessee 38116
United States

This is an All Levels job posting for the Global Security Operations Center. Please note that applications to this job posting may be considered for multiple levels of positions in which applicants qualify for and applicants may be submitted to multiple Hiring Managers for review and consideration.

The Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is a 24X7 365 security team charged with the monitoring of global vehicles worldwide through GPS, business traveler accountability, social media monitoring, situational awareness and reporting, and access and perimeter monitoring of company facilities.

The successful candidates will be responsible for these duties as well as leading projects on security initiatives, reviewing and testing vendor products, and writing and recommending security processes to management.

Job Summary:

Duties for these roles will include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor security programs and systems for alerts and conduct initial response at the enterprise level.
  • Oversee enterprise wide security monitoring systems to include current response processes.
  • Research and identify future security technology programs which could detect shortfalls and/or information gaps.
  • Oversee and monitor GPS surface vehicle tracking and control of vehicles’ globally.
  • Conduct strategic security assessments, evaluations, analysis, and briefings for business travelers worldwide.
  • Perform tactical/real time business traveler monitoring and accountability.
  • Actively monitor multiple social media platforms for threats to employees/assets, and initiate responses as deemed necessary by policy and procedure.
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency with computer information systems.
  • Monitor real time global events, research new technologies, methodologies, processes, procedures, and products that could achieve major/superior security improvements to operations.
  • Support initial crisis response processes for acts of man and nature to protect people, assets, and brand…Read more>>


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