Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 lovefest with Microsoft: It’s complicated

Listening to Samsung executives launch the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Tab 7 you could hear the love for Microsoft in the air.

With apologies to the Carpenters, Samsung executive Federico Casalegno was practically singing, “Why do birds suddenly appear, ev’ry time Microsoft is near.”

Samsung’s Unpacked presentations mentioned Android a few times and Microsoft a lot more. The Samsung Note app is integrated with Outlook and OneDrive. Integrations between Microsoft productivity apps and Samsung devices are everywhere. Samsung showed off how the Note 20 Ultra is a fine device to work with Xbox’s cloud gaming service.

There were so many integration points between Microsoft and Samsung’s flagship devices that I was left wondering why Microsoft was screwing around with devices like the Duo. Why would Microsoft make its own Android device? After all, the Samsung Z Fold 2 was introduced and the sizzle reel naturally had some Microsoft Office touchpoints.

Now I’m not going to complain. I see Samsung’s 5G Galaxy Note 20 as a near perfect complement to Microsoft’s productivity apps. Sure, there are Samsung integration points with Google too, but you’d never know it given the Microsoft lovefest at Unpacked.

Casalegno said the evolution of the Microsoft partnership with Samsung was “only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Aww. That’s like tech partnership goals…Read more>>


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