No cell signal? Best ways to boost signal strength when your calls won’t go through

No cell signal? Best ways to boost signal strength when your calls won’t go through

Today’s tech means we’re always connected – when our connections actually work the way they should.

Is your Wi-Fi crawling? No one has time or patience for that. Tap or click for 10 smart ways to fix your slow internet connection. Know the tricks before you need them.

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Next on the list is overcoming a spotty cell signal. It can be downright dangerous when you can’t make a call when you need to. These tips can help.

1. Rule out the basics

A fully charged battery is your friend. A nearly dead one could be interfering with your signal. Charge up and see if that remedies the issue. I always keep one of these portable chargers from Anker in my bag in case of emergency. It’s reliable and inexpensive.

Are your signal problems new or worse? Try removing your phone’s case. Depending on how thick it is and what it’s made of, it could be mucking up your coverage.

Finally, be sure your phone is up to date. Running the latest operating system patches security flaws (always a plus!) can make your device run more smoothly. Older versions of software could cause, or at least contribute to, connection issues.

To update your iPhone, open Settings > tap General > select Software Update. If an update is available, select Download and Install.

To update your Android, open Settings. Choose System > Advanced > System update. Follow the steps on the screen.

Note: If your phone no longer receives updates, it’s time to upgrade to a newer model.

2. Try the good old IT standard

What’s the first thing an IT pro will have you do if a gadget isn’t working correctly? That’s right, turn it off and then back on. It’s a classic because more often than not, it works.

Before you power down altogether, first try toggling on Airplane Mode. Turning this setting on and then off forces your phone to reestablish its connection to the network…Read more>>



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