Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have a plan to kill the iPhone

Apple’s Apple Watch keynote and Sony’s PS5 price and release date reveal have been the most important tech events of the week. With all the news about the new Apple Watch features, the iPhone 12 processor, the iOS 14 release, and the PS5 preorder issues, you might have missed another exciting development in the tech world. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the two spent a good 15 minutes talking about a very specific slice of technology: hardware.

When you think Facebook and Zuckerberg, topics like user privacy and personal data mismanagement, election manipulation, questionable business practices, and social media toxicity should be top of mind. However, that’s not what Brownlee addressed during the interview, focusing squarely on the future of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). If you can put a few large pins in all the issues that Zuckerberg and co. still need to address, and dissociate yourself from any preexisting anger at Facebook, the interview is quite interesting. The CEO offered the audience a rare glimpse into his vision for these two technologies that Facebook’s involved in via its Oculus endeavor. That’s where Zuckerberg explained exactly what will kill the iPhone in the future, without explicitly addressing the most popular gadget ever made. And that’s where he seemed to make it clear that Facebook is gunning for that position as well.

A series of leaks have said that Apple is manufacturing AR glasses of its own. Initially, the devices will work with the iPhone, needing to connect to the device wirelessly, just like the Apple Watch does. Apple has to develop this technology right now, well before others get more traction with similar ideas. That’s because future versions of AR glasses might not need pairing up with an actual smartphone. If a wearable device that looks like a regular pair of glasses is powerful enough to project any holograms in front of your eyes, you won’t need a physical screen in your pocket to look at a screen and interact with apps. The gadget would give you access to a virtual screen that you’ll interact with via gestures, without needing a physical object in your hands. The iPhone could be on your face. Or it could be a screen-less device you carry in your pocket…Read more>>


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