KFC Beyond Fried Chicken: Here’s everything you need to know

KFC Beyond Fried Chicken: Here’s everything you need to know

Kentucky Fried Chicken has partnered with Beyond Meat to create Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets, a plant-based option for its original fried chicken.

Here’s the bad news if you’re a fan of KFC’s latest creation: It’s only around for a limited time.

This isn’t the first time KFC has introduced Beyond Fried Chicken to the public. In 2019, it had success with its first test run in Atlanta, selling out in under five hours. So if you’re interested in trying the plant-based nuggets, you should act fast before supplies run out.

I’ll tell you what you need to know about KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken, including cost, nutrition details of the plant-based substitute and how long it’ll be around.

Does it taste like real chicken?

While I haven’t tried the Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets, Yum Brands describes it as “packed with delicious flavor and the juicy satisfaction that you’d expect from KFC’s iconic fried chicken but in a plant-based option.”

However, some Reddit users had differing opinions about the faux chicken and used terms like “disappointed” and “inedible” to describe it. The decision of how it tastes, however, is ultimately up to you. If you generally enjoy KFC food or Beyond Meat, this might be up your alley.

Is KFC Beyond Fried Chicken completely vegan?

No. While KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken is plant-based, it’s not prepared in a vegan or vegetarian way, Yum Brands said in a press release. Although KFC doesn’t specify, it could mean the nuggets may be cooked in oil that isn’t vegan. It could also mean it’s cooked in the same fryers used to make meat-based fried chicken.

So if your diet doesn’t allow for much wiggle room, this will not be the best option for you…Read more>>



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