How to stream Switch on Twitch

How to stream Switch on Twitch

You can literally spend hundreds of hours playing the best Nintendo Switch games since there are so many to choose from. If you’re already playing all of the time, why not let other people see what you’re up to? If nothing else, it’s fun having other people see your reactions when you’re chased by a giant monster or you just barely beat a boss. All you need is a capture card, some screen capture software, and a decent computer or laptop. Here’s how to stream your games on Twitch using your Nintendo Switch.

Products used in this guide

  • Capture Card: Elgato HD60 S ($180 at Best Buy)
  • Streaming software: OBS Studio (Free at OBS)
  • A good game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons ($60 at Best Buy)

The equipment you need to stream on Twitch

You’ll need equipment and software to stream your gameplay successfully. While not everything on this list is vital, some of the equipment will definitely make things easier for you.


  • Computer or Laptop – It needs to be powerful enough that it won’t freeze or run too slowly while you’re streaming. Additionally, this computer must have a USB 3.0 port to be compatible with the capture card.
  • Microphone – This can be either a quality headset or a standalone mic. You just want to make sure that any voice recordings you do while playing come through clearly for your audience to hear.
  • Capture Card – Since the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support internal streaming, you’ll need to purchase a capture card. I personally recommend the Elgato HD60 S, a phenomenal choice that works with several different gaming platforms.
  • HDMI cable – You’ll need to supply an HDMI cable and run it to your monitor or TV.
  • Nintendo Switch Dock – You’re going to be hooking cables into this device...Read more>>



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