How to Set Up Flight Alerts on All Your Devices

Even the most well-traveled among us have missed a flight or experienced the heart-stopping feeling of realizing you’re at the wrong gate and have three minutes to find the right one. But this never has to happen if you’ve set up flight alerts, which will help to ensure that your travel is as seamless as it can possibly be.

Flight alerts allow you to sync your flight information to any device’s calendar, get a notification the day before your flight departs, and receive an alert informing you whether your flight is on time, delayed or canceled. They can also keep you up to date on any gate changes—which is great if you’ve been busy shopping in a duty-free store, grabbing lunch or using the bathroom before your flight.

Use Google as your assistant

Google Assistant makes it easy for you to input and find your travel information. It can be downloaded on your phone (iOS, Android) and synced to any smart device (your laptop, TV, watch or smart speaker). In order to use Google Assistant you need to have a Gmail account, which is easy to set up if you don’t have one. Once you have downloaded Google Assistant, turn on your “personal results.” This will personalize the results you receive when you type a query into Google, allowing it to show you flight information pulled from your Gmail, calendar or Google photos.

When you initially download the app it will ask if you want notifications including alerts, sounds and icon badges; you’ll want to select “allow” to ensure you receive those push notifications. Assistant will also ask for permission to make a Bluetooth connection so that you can connect your accessories, including headphones and speakers.

Existing Booking

Through your Google Assistant alert and personal results you will be able to:

  • See and hear the date, time, origin, destination and airline of your next trip.
  • See and hear on time/delay status.

You will be able to hear information for up to three upcoming flights. By choosing the microphone icon you can ask or type the inquiry using the keyboard icon. And the response will either be verbal or typed, depending on the setting you’ve chosen.

You can also set an alert by:

  • Tapping your profile icon
  • Selecting “services,” then “reminders”
  • Adding the reminder with the specific day, time, place and if you would like it repeated more than once

Looking for flights

“Personal results” only work for existing flights; however, you can still look for flights and check for them by the region, dates, specific airline and specific destination.

Simply hold down the microphone icon in Google Assistant and begin asking “Hey Google” or “Okay Google,” followed by your exact question. Or you can use the keyboard icon to type the question.

Your airline can alert you

All major airlines have their own apps to keep track of your flight information and flights that you have yet to book. It makes it much more convenient to know what’s happening with your specific airline and have them sent directly through text or email.

American Airlines

From the app, you can set up notifications to send you alerts when you have a flight or multiple flights. AA also allows passengers to send alerts to their friends and family.

You can sign up or change your preferences from the “BeNotified” link in your AAdvantage profile to receive alerts, including:

  • Delays and cancellations for the day of travel
  • Reminders for departure
  • Gate changes

You can also set up alerts for specific flights through the website by inputting the city of departure and arrival, hitting “search” and choosing “get alerts for this flight.”



Source:- lifehacker

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