Haven’t got your child tax credit check yet? Here’s how to track down your money online

Haven’t got your child tax credit check yet? Here’s how to track down your money online

The IRS Update Portal is the way for you to opt out of the child tax credit payments and add your banking information. If you haven’t received a monthly check yet in either July or August, the portal can also help you see your payment history and find out what could be holding up your money.

Due to some IRS glitches, some parents are having to wait a bit longer for their money. Some checks are delayed because of an issue with the IRS sending families a paper check in August, which takes considerably more time to arrive than a direct deposit. That’s the case for some 4 million households, according to the tax agency’s most recent statement. The good news is that if you didn’t receive last month’s check, you can expect to get half of your total amount in five payments instead of six.

If you’re still waiting for your money or you’re curious about how much you’ve received so far, you can use the online Update Portal to add up the total so far. Or you may choose to opt out of the advance monthly checks. We’ll show you how and explain what unenrolling means for tax season. We’ve updated this story recently.

How can I see the status of my delayed child tax credit check online?

You can generally expect recurring monthly payments to hit your bank account on the 15th of every month except for this month’s, which was scheduled for the 13th. (See the chart below for more.) According to the IRS, you can use the Child Tax Credit Update Portal to see your processed monthly payment history. It’ll be a good way to watch for pending payments that haven’t gone through your bank account yet.

If you still haven’t received the money you’re owed, see if the Processed Payments section of the Update Portal has any information. If the payment was delivered, make sure your address and banking information are correct — especially if you’ve moved or changed banks.

To check on your payments online, you’ll need to register with your IRS username and ID.me account information. First-time users will need to have a photo ID (it’s one of the ways the IRS is trying to protect your information from identity theft). We don’t know yet if the portal will display other payment details, such as banking information, amount, the check’s processing date or what could be causing a delay in the payment.

If you’re checking your bank account, look for the deposit labeled “CHILDCTC.” If your bank has not received the deposit from the IRS, it won’t have any processing information for you if you’re trying to locate your check. If you think there’s an error, start by using the Update Portal to double-check the bank details the IRS has on file, including your account information and routing numbers.

What should I do if I’m still waiting for child tax credit money to arrive?

Child tax credit payments started in mid-July and the second was issued on Aug. 13, but some parents are still waiting. Even though child tax credit payments are scheduled to arrive on certain dates, you may not get the money when expected for a few reasons. The IRS may not have an up-to-date mailing address or banking information for you. The mailed check may be held up by the US Postal Service or the direct deposit payment may still be being processed.

It’s also important to note that if you’re a victim of tax-related identity theft, you won’t receive child tax credit payments until those issues have been resolved with the IRS. If the issues aren’t cleared up this year while early payments are disbursed, you’ll get the full amount when you file taxes in 2022. And keep in mind that even if you have unpaid state or federal debt, you should still receive child tax credit payments if you’re eligible.

Problems with missing payments have also been reported among “mixed-status” families, where one parent is a US citizen and the other is an immigrant. It appears to have been an IRS glitch that the tax agency has corrected for the August payment. Parents who file their taxes and whose children have Social Security numbers qualify for the payments as long as they meet all the other income and age requirements.

Another possible reason your check may be delayed is that your 2020 return is still processing. The IRS is currently working through a backlog of returns. If your information has changed or you had a baby recently, the IRS may not know that they owe you the credit, especially if the tax agency is basing the credit on your 2019 tax return while the latest one is processing…Read more>>



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