Change these 3 hidden Google settings to protect your privacy

Change these 3 hidden Google settings to protect your privacy

Big Tech companies are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. We message each other on our Apple and Android smartphones, share photos on Facebook, shop on Amazon, work on our Microsoft and Apple computers, and Google things all day long.

It’s no secret anymore that Big Tech tracks what we do and packages up our data to sell to advertisers. Tap or click to stop one of the biggest offenders, Facebook, from following you around the web.

If you’re super privacy-conscious, maybe you’re ready to nuke your private info floating around the web – or as much as you can, at least. Tap or click to erase yourself from the internet.

Let’s look at a company I bet you interact with most days, Google. Here are three settings you need to check:

1. Don’t let others know what you do with Google

Every time you use a Google service, your interactions are logged in your My Activity page. This page shows everything that you’ve searched for, photos you’ve taken, YouTube videos you’ve watched, how you used Google’s apps and so on.

Many people don’t know that you can password protect it all. Who needs this new feature?

Let’s say you share a computer or everyone in your house knows your system password. One-click is all it takes, and everything you’ve done with Google is free for the taking. Yes, they’ll also see anything that you’d be embarrassed to talk about at the dinner table. Even if that doesn’t concern you, best be safe should your phone or laptop end up in the wrong hands.

Here’s how to lock it down:

• Visit on a computer.

• You will see a pop-up that says, “Safer with Google: You can add more security to My Activity by turning on extra verification.” Click Manage.

• Select the option for Require extra verification, then hit Save.

From now on, you’ll have to enter your password to see and delete your history. If your Google password is saved to your browser or computer, it defeats the purpose. You’re better off using a secure password you can remember…Read more>>



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