Best Nintendo Switch Deals for Black Friday 2019

The holidays are always a big time for console purchases, and if you have someone on your list who’s looking for a Nintendo Switch, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting the best price or bundle possible. Black Friday is just a few short weeks away, but there are already a whole bunch of deals that are available starting right now. Over the course of the next few weeks, odds are we will continue to see more deals surface, and of course on Black Friday they’ll all be available.

Which Nintendo Switch is right for me?

Nintendo recently refreshed the Switch console with some key improvements, and also released a Switch Lite with a few omissions. Deciding between the two is actually a little easier than you may realize. Anyone looking to play Nintendo Switch games on-the-go and on the big screen at home will want to go with the standard Nintendo Switch, as the new Nintendo Switch Lite is solely built for handheld mode and can’t be mirrored to your TV with a Nintendo Switch Dock. The Switch Lite is also a tad bit smaller at 5.5 inches as opposed to the full-size console’s 6.2-inch display. Plus, with its built-in Joy-Con controllers, you don’t have to worry about charging them separately. The Switch Lite also sells at $100 less than the Nintendo Switch on a regular basis, though since it’s the newest model, it’s much more rare to find a deal on it.

The standard Nintendo Switch was recently enhanced with improvements to its battery life, display, and improved Joy-Con controllers. There’s no difference in the price between the two, either. If you’re on the hunt for the standard Nintendo Switch console this holiday season, it helps to know which console is the new and improved model and which is the original. The product packaging is the best indicator, as the older model features the console sitting on a white backdrop while the newest version shows the console with a red backdrop. You can learn more about the new Nintendo Switch in our recent review.

To bundle, or not to bundle?

This time around, we are going to have to say that you might want to skip out on the bundles. We’ve seen some early images floating around, and unfortunately it appears as though Nintendo is bundling the original Nintendo Switch instead of the updated one. The main deal most stores will be offering includes the first model of the Nintendo Switch with Gray or Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con controllers and a digital download of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. While it’s a fantastic game, this bundle will be sold at the console’s regular price of $299.99. That means you’d save $60 on the game but end up with an outdated version of the console.

Here’s a better way to buy the Nintendo Switch this holiday season; bundle it yourself! We’ll be seeing some of the best Nintendo Switch games hit $29.99 on Black Friday at various retailers. Though Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn’t one of them, you could end up with picks like Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Splatoon 2 along with the new Nintendo Switch for only $329.99 total, which is 100% worth the extra $30. The game Octopath Traveler will be down to $30 as well, which is a beautiful RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

How about discounted games?

Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up games on sale. The best Nintendo Switch games have a habit of staying full-price for longer than most other video games, making Black Friday one of the rare times you can actually grab them at half price. Whether you’re a current Switch owner or just now buying one, you do not want to miss this opportunity. Along with the games mentioned in the section above, we’ll also see stellar discounts on games like Mario Tennis Aces, Just Dance 2020, Crash Bandicoot Racing Nitro-Fueled, and many more.

Can you play these on a TV?

While both the new and old version of the Nintendo Switch come with a dock so you can switch between playing on-the-go and on the TV at home, one of the features that was left out of the Switch Lite was the ability to dock it. It can only be played in handheld mode.

Will games work on both variations?

Yes! All Nintendo Switch video games work on every version of the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. If your household has multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, two consoles won’t be able to play the same game at the same time unless you purchase two copies. This goes for both physical and digital Nintendo Switch games.

Why should you buy the Nintendo Switch instead of the Switch Lite?

Though the Nintendo Switch might be priced $100 higher than the Nintendo Switch Lite on any given day, it’s easily the better model of the two. The Switch Lite might be great for younger kids or households which already own the full-size console, though it can’t do what the Nintendo Switch does best. The Nintendo Switch console was named after being able to switch between handheld and docked mode, and the Switch Lite can’t switch! Plus, its removeable Joy-Con controllers are a joy themselves to play with, and the built-in Joy Con controllers of the Switch Lite remove the uniqueness. The Switch Lite has a smaller display too that makes it harder to see your game while you play.

What else should I buy for my Switch on Black Friday

One important accessory many Nintendo Switch owners forget to purchase until it’s absolutely necessary is a microSD card. It allows you to store all the digital game downloads you buy as well as your game save data and other files on your console. Both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite feature a 32GB storage capacity, but you can grab a 128GB microSD card with triple the space for less than $20! We’ll also see various models of the Joy-Con controllers drop to $59.99 at various retailers.

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